This site is dedicated to the memory of Professor Vincent Babatunde Chukumeka NWUGA

Professor Vincent Babatunde Chukumeka Nwuga was born on April 22, 1939 in Enugu, Nigeria to Mr Christopher Aniemeka Nwuga from Umuezei quarters, a genealogical family of Idumogei family and Mrs Agness Nwuga (Nee Okolo) from Umuago quarters both in Asaba in Oshimili Local Government Area in the then Western Region of Nigeria (which became, Mid-West, Bendel states, and presently Delta State of Nigeria). Prof. Nwuga’s mother was a primary school teacher and his father a civil servant with the Federal Ministry of Finance having earned a London Matriculation Examination Certificate which at the time was a highly regarded credential. Both parents were Christians of Roman Catholic Faith.

History has it that Nwuga had a great uncle, who was an adviser to Lord Frederick Lugard, the first Governor-General of the Nigeria (1914-1919), suggesting a track record of public service and academic achievements of the Nwuga family.

Nwuga’s parents relocated to Lagos from Enugu when was barely two weeks old. He therefore spent his childhood and early adulthood in Lagos. This immensely contributed to his diverse cultural perspectives to life. His ancestry Igbo last-named, ‘Nwuga’ may disguise his deep Yoruba cultural immersion. In fact, his middle name is ‘Babatunde’, a Yoruba name.

Nwuga is the first of seven other siblings; four brothers including Anthony, Okenyi and Thomas (late) and four sisters, Ifeanyi, Justina, Nwabuego and Ononeyi. Nwuga lived  most part of his life in Western parts of Nigeria including, Lagos, Osogbo, Ile-Ife and its environs, only paying occasional visits to Asaba his ancestral home.

Nwuga attended Holy Cross Catholic Primary School (1945-1952), and St. Gregory’s College Lagos (1953-1958) for his secondary (high) school education. Upon passing his Cambridge School Certificate, he proceeded to the United Kingdom in 1961 for his Higher School Certificate in Physics, Biology and Chemistry at the Polytechnic, Harrogate, in Yorkshire.

Nwuga attended the Royal Herbert Hospital School of Physiotherapy in Woolwich, and became a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).  Nwuga proceeded to Canada where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy (BPT) in 1971, and a Master's degree in Physical Medicine in 1974 from the United State of America. Under the mentorship of the late Professor Nwuga completed his PhD at the  University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria under Professor T. Adesanya Ige Grillo. Nwuga completed his PhD work in 2.5 years, compared to average 4 years completion time.

A more appropriate Eulogy for our hero now gone was best presented by one of his prodigy protégé, Professor Joseph A Balogun. Please visit the link below to read more about the achievements of Professor Nwuga as seen from 'close range' by Professor JA Balogun.


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It is with sadness that I read about the passing of a great man. The history of Physiotherapy in Nigeria, nay in Africa, can never be complete without the name, professor Vince C. B. NWUGA being written in bold/gold letters. He stood like the proverbial IROKO tree in a forest that did not have many tall trees.He started a quiet revolution that changed the face of physiotherapy in Africa in general, but particularly in NIGERIA. He was the 1st teacher of physiotherapy in Nigeria to encourage his graduates/students to go for graduate studies. He elevated our profession when we were being looked down upon in Nigeria. He will be regarded as a hero and a legend in the history of Physiotherapy in Nigeria. I sincerely hope and pray that many more younger Nigerian Physiotherapists will follow the trail he blazed for the physiotherapy profession in Nigeria. May the good Lord grant him eternal rest in His bosom, and peace, courage, and fortitude to the family, to gear the loss. Echerobia W. Ezeala, PT, DPT.
July 9th, 2015
To Professor Nwuga’s family and the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy My condolence to you all on the passing to glory of Professor Nwuga. He was truly an icon for Physiotherapists in this part of the world. He gently but firmly pressed into the medical profession in Nigeria carrying the touch of Physiotherapy high and elevating the profession he dearly loved. He encouraged and assisted others in the profession to follow in his footsteps. I worked with Professor and Mrs. Nwuga in the early eighties, in the Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital Complex, comprising of different hospitals at that time. It was a delight to work under his leadership as he visited the department from time to time and in response to some urgent need. It was encouraging as he allowed the Physiotherapy students worked with other medical professions as they do projects in order prepare their thesis, thereby expanding their horizon and also integrating into other medical professions. Peace and comfort of God Almighty be with you all especially his beloved wife and the entire family. God bless you. Bukky Falaiye.
July 7th, 2015
My condolence to the family and colleagues of Prof V C B Nwuga. In his service to Physiotherapy in Nigeria, Dr. Nwuga was persistent in advocating the clarity of his vision, but was always strategic and bold with a quiet determination as he paved the way for the future. Dr. Bayo U. Sedenu, PT
July 1st, 2015
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